John Gould’s 19th c. Hummingbirds #C


17″x 1.25″x 24″h

A 20th c. British Museum Printing 14.5″x 21.5″h of John Gould’s 1860 collection of Hummingbird Studies, Custom Framed in Black & Gold with Museum Glass, and Each Detailed Description Mounted on Backside. ** Sold Separately **

Top Left to Right;
#92 Ionolaima Frontalis – Emerald-fronted Humming Bird
#50 Campylopterus Rufus – Fawn-breasted Sabre-winged
#85 Lafresnaya Flavicaudata – Buff-tailed Velevet-breast
Lower Left to Right;
#55 Aphantochroa Gularis – Puce-throated Humming Bird
#64 Heliopaedica Melanotis – Black-eared Humming Bird
#100 Thalurania Watertoni – Waterton’s Wood Nymph

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